Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate is a British bombshell, famed for her work as an adult film star, writer and glamour model. A self-confessed comic book enthusiast, Tanya puts her geek savvy world to the side when she executes stunning blow jobs, masturbation, lesbian sex and all manner of pornography in adult films for her fans.

Clearly cornering the market, Tanya has picked up awards for MILF of the Year on multiple occasions, most notably five years running at the UK based SHAFTA Awards. Her zest for all things sex has also propelled her into the world of directing, and Tanya’s first work behind the camera was on Tanya Tate’s the MILF Masseuse.

Tanya was thrust into the mainstream media spotlight following her series Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland, rendering her more recognizable than ever. She followed it up with tours of other countries, taking her sexuality into even more public realms. Tanya’s affection for the comic book world has also seen her become the highlight of many conventions, cosplaying around the world.


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Open letter to Karen Danczuk regarding a photo shoot offer – #KarenDanczuk

Dear Karen Danczuk,

Over many months you have posted pics of yourself in sexy poses.

At we would like to have you as a regular model.

We are happy to shoot you topless or full front nude. is a site full of British babes.

We are not looking for a single shoot, but many shoots.

We hope that you will consider this offer, and should you accept we would wish to start shooting as soon as possible.

We are happy to pay you or if you prefer we will give the money to a charity of your choice. If you opt for a charity, could we ask if its an animal charity as we tend to try to support animal charities due to the fact we are vegetarian (trying to be vegan) and have always supported anything to to with animal welfare.

Should you not be interested, we hope that you are not offended by this offer.

Yours Sincerely,


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